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Where we are at

Spawn Death, Oct 9, 12 2:00 PM.
Just small update. We are currently rank 2 art of war and economy. We are rank 3 in architecture and by the end of the day politics as well. Vengeance was demoted from his status of officer due to his loyalty's not being with us. Although we have two new Phoenix officers. Axioin is one of the original members from guild wars 1 there is not a tank build he does not know inside guild wars pve. Flare is the other Phoenix so please if you see them give them kudos. We are still building so if you want to be officer either a phoenix or a dragon just pm me in game and I will tell you what is required. The next few week I will be trying to get organized groups for instances even if there is only few from guild show up better than pugging a full group. Getting use to playing with guildies is why I made this guild so do not be shy.
Atm phoenix officer are as follows Menace, Axion,  Minermarc, Flare, Azulance.

Guild Influence

Spawn Death, Sep 12, 12 10:31 AM.
        We have adopted a new rank system based on old chinese lore and constelations. Black Tortiouse is the leader, the Dragon is the pvp officer, and the Phoenix are our pve officer. Our dedicated members are our wolf's. Each of these ranks are the spirits. PLease contact the officer when you need help or guidance. To become officer one of them must nominate you then the Black tortiouse will screen you to see if you mesh well enough for the position. The rank system might evelve with the guild as we grow so if you have suggestion please speak up I listen  
        We have gain rank 2 in politics, economy, and architecture. You can look up guild upgrades to see the bonus the guild offers beside the people you can become friends with. Also reminder please get microphone if you have not already. Teamspeak information is in the Motd. At the moment we are building art of war rank 1. Stay group, stay alive, and build up influence   

Fantastic Torch


Spawn Death, Sep 1, 12 2:34 PM.
Last night we earned over 500 influence I spent it on research lvl 1. We will be moving on to guild bank after they have lvled. If you have a suggestion in which direction you would like influence to go please post here in comments. Gain more influence by grouping with guild members and you will gain bonus to xp by grouping as well. WIN WIN so lets start Winning!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Spawn Death, Jul 31, 12 7:33 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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